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Pre and Post workout nutrition

Not sure when and what you should be eating before a workout? If you’re not fueling properly you won’t see the results of your hard work.


The amount of time before your workout will determine how much you eat.

3-4 Hours

It’s better to have a larger meal that will carry you for a few hours. By this we do not mean stuffing yourself full, rather aim for a 50% to 65% full feeling so you don’t completely drag your metabolism down and get drowsy or feel bloated. If you’re unsure of how much you can handle, err on the side of caution. The last thing you want to do is have it all come up during warm ups or mid-round.

In terms of what you’re eating pre-workout, you want a meal made up of approximately 10% fat, 25% protein, 65% carbs.

1-2 Hours

Naturally when the time frame is shorter you’re going to want a small meal or snack. One or two pieces of fruit, a granola bar… Just enough that it will get you have time to let it settle and get yourself through the workout. It’s most important that you eat something high in carbs than a balanced snack this close to your workout so don’t worry about complete total nutrition at this point. Do avoid greasy or fatty foods as these take longer to digest.


Half to three quarters of a liter over a two-hour period before your workout should suffice. Don’t drink to the point of feeling bloated as water does take a bit of time to absorb.


Replenish your body with as many nutrients as possible since you are depleted after a tough workout. This is when you restore energy reserves and begin the recovery process.

Ideally you want a meal with a 10% fat, 55% protein, 35% carb content. It’s crucial that you get something into your body within the first 45 minutes post workout before your body becomes catabolic and breaks down muscle tissue to fuel itself. If you don’t have a meal ready or it’s going to take longer, get a snack that combines some level of the above to tide you over for an hour.

What’s perfect in this situation? Drinking a protein shake!! That’s right, its balance and serving size makes it an ultimate post-workout splash until you can sit down for a real full meal which should be done within 90 minutes of your workout.

Water –

One half to a full liter of water over a two-hour period after a workout is essential. After that you should drink a glass of water periodically throughout the day.


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