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Age 31
Starting Weight: 185lbs
Current Weight: 165lbs





I started working with Rob to cut weight in preparation for my first Muay Thai fight. By working with Rob regularly and modifying my diet according to his instructions, I have not only begun to cut the wight but I have also seen vast improvements in my strength, endurance and confidence.

I know that I will be at “fighting weight” soon and I am confident that I will be successful. Rob is a phenomenal trainer and a wonderful person. I could not have made the progress that I have thus far without him. His workouts are extremely challenging and productive. Before I started with Rob, I was active – I worked out at the gym. I ran and did Muay Thai training, but I never seemed to make any progress.

Although preparing to fight is my main motivation, it is exciting every time I am able to fit into a new size or a co-worker tells me that she is inspired to go to the gym because of the changes that she has noticed in me. Also, I really want to be an example for my son, to show him how to make healthy choices and make being fit a way of life.






When I called Rob, I was surprised that he wanted to meet me, find out my goals and figure out what program would be best for me. We started out slowly, spoke about food and health, figured out my goals, and began discussing a diet.

My goal was to lose 20lbs, to be able to jog a mile and to do 50 bicycle crunches. I am now 188lbs (size 14-16 suit). I haven’t smoked for a year, I jogged a 1.25 mile last night, and last time I checked, I have to run up at least 4 flights of steps before I can even start losing my breathe. I do about 4 sets of 50 bicycle crunches, and most importantly I have new goals!

Rob is so obviously passionate about health and quality of life. He taught me how to care for my body and he created a a diet for me based on the foods I eat and like. He also taught me to care about my mind. I thought I was there to work out my muscles – the brain is a muscle as well. He taught me how to teach myself by helping me to be more disciplined – both on a physical level and an emotional one. There were days we sat and talked for hours instead of working out – those were some of the most effective training days. I am more confident now. I see life as challenges that can be overcome. I learned that at times I need to turn to others for help and advice. I am more in tune with my spirituality (Rob’s really spiritual). Most of all, I started giving others advice about how to be healthier in body and mind.

I am not the lonely person in the magazine ad, never was. People know me, ask around the coffee shop, really! I lived in Squirrel Hill most of my life, went to PITT and worked in Pittsburgh. I can show you before and after pictures but they don’t represent half of who I’ve become. Rob taught me so much. He has changed my life and he is one of my closest friends. If you are lucky enough, you may have a chance to train with him at some point. It will change your life, more than you know!

PS: My new goal is to jog for and hour and reach 160lbs.






As americans and society as a whole, September 11th, 2001 changed our lives forever.

At the time I was almost 43 years old. All my life I had been fit and athletic. Working out at the gym or going for a pleasant run in the morning was my regular routine. However, my workouts had become just that, a WORK out. My love of going running in the early morning was now an unpleasant chore. My distances were shrinking and my waistline was growing. My core belief that your personal health and fitness sets the standard and quality for the rest of your life was only a concept, not a daily priority. My personal life, my family life and my business were all as good as any man could dream of, BUT, my body was layering up the fat, I had little or no core muscle mass, my fitness routine was not a routine at all and my athletic balance, coordination and stamina had all but disappeared.

September 11th, 2001 was my wake up call and reminded me that “tomorrow is promised to no one”. I realized that everything in my life was only as good as my personal health and fitness. My choice to hire Rob Boyce to guide me and train me was one of the best decisions I have ever made in regards to improving my life.

I asked Rob to guide me, coach me, hold me accountable, teach me how to eat, exercise and achieve greatness in my fitness plan. Rob delivered!






Where do I begin to thank yo for your support and training to help me achieve goals. Since I was 13 I have had an issue with my weight, whether I was overweight or not. You have helped me learn to accept myself and be so much more self assured of myself because of the weight loss. I have always been happy with myself on the inside, and you helped and motivated me to match the outside with the inside.

My weight issues started in high school and have continued for 20 years. I tried everything from shots to liposuction, liquid diets to pre-packaged food diets. I tried EVERYTHING! But nothing worked, at least not for the long run. Liposuctions caused me to put wight in places I had never put weight on. Sure it was great in the beginning, but then the fat had to go somewhere else. And I did not learn about exercise with the other programs I tried. Then I met you and you taught me that, YES, exercise and eating right is the KEY to losing weight. WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!!! I love to exercise now and I feel so much better with I eat right. Sure I can have ice cream if I want but now I have it in moderation and know how much fuel my body can burn. I know I did this for myself but you were the key I needed to accomplish my goals. I truly believe in strength training with a trainer because it gave me the support and guidance I needed. If most people had a trainer, I know they could accomplish their goals.

By teaching me the keys to successful lifestyle changes (it is truly not a diet but a lifestyle change), you have helped me realize that it is 75% eating clean and healthy (which does taste good) and 25% exercise including strength training and cardio exercise. I truly believe that I could not have reached my goals without the strength training as I feel that is the key to all weight loss.

I have trained with other trainers and I know that you truly are the one who who helped me accomplish my goals the best. You are truly a blessing. Again, thank you for helping me start a new chapter in my life, without the issue of my weight.






I just wanted to thank you for training me over that past couple of months. You have taught me so many things about my workout program, many of which I would have never attempted to even try on my own! Many months ago, I remember taking one of your classes. I remember leaving the class feeling very frustrated because of being fatigued and not being able to keep up with the others in the class. That was when I decided it might be best to just get some personal training sessions. Since then, I believe a good deal of progress has been made and I have you to thank for the help and guidance. You and your gym are so much different than any of the other trainers and gyms I have been to. You are so friendly, and you know everyone by name and are always willing to offer a training tip or some type of guidance towards a productive workout and nutrition plan. I feel more confident now about my body structure and in turn have more overall self-esteem. I am always up for a new challenge even a 5k run sometime soon. Thank you again for your continued guidance and positive attitude.