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Rob Boyce, Jr.
Professional Conditioning Coach

• BS in Exercise Science
• Certified by ACSM ISSA
• US Army Master Fitness Trainer
• Associate Degree in Nutrition Fitness
• Recognized by ACSM as Professional Member
• Recognized by the National Fitness Hall of Fame as an Elite Trainer
• Animal flow level 1  coach
• Kettle bell level 1 coach
• Trigger point level 2 certified

‘We all have goals…My goal is to make a difference in at least one life every day. And how do I do that? By designing personalized training programs and working with you, side by side, to make sure you’re having fun and achieving your goals.’

Successful fitness training is fun. When I’m training you, you;re having fun. If you’re bored, you probably won’t like it and ultimately, you won;t stick with it.

Training is also about setting and reaching goals. And not just any generic, fitness program goals like the number of repetitions you did, the amount of weight you lifted, or the miles you completed. Successful training programs — my training programs — create personalized goals to fit you and what you want to achieve. I won’t fit you into a training program. I’ll design a training program around you.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and all types of clients, all across the nation  — from upcoming athletes to hardworking, everyday people.

I came back to the east coast to give back to the community that gave me my start. Now I’m determined to make a difference in individuals like you. Whether your goal is weight-loss or improving your performance, I won’t squeeze you int an existing program. I’ll create your own customized program. Everyone is different, and so are my workouts.

Don’t let your body breakdown. Turn your body into a temple that will make you proud.