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When is the best time to workout

I’ve been asked over and over when the best time for working out is and normally I tell people to workout whenever it fits into their schedule. Lets look at the benefits of working out in the morning and how it can raise your performance, increase the fat loss, and maximize the results of your hard work. Wake up and smell the benefits!


By jump starting your day and kicking your body into high gear you’re actually setting yourself for a more energetic day. Raising your heart rate and pumping oxygen through your body means your metabolism will be elevated for hours after your workout is over. Compare this with the other routine of waking up slow and sluggish and building your way up to feeling awake. It’s not just about your muscles and heart; your entire system benefits from the jump start. Improved focus, memory, and endurance levels are just a few instant benefits of working out in the AM that last for hours.


Elevating your metabolism in the morning burns more calories throughout the day, but did you know it also regulates your appetite? The hormones in the body that stimulate hunger are suppressed during exercise so you are more likely to eat only when genuinely hungry. From pre-workout snacks to your post-workout meal, fueling your body properly first thing in the morning makes it easier to follow proper nutrition throughout the day. Portion control and appetite frequency are more accurately controlled by hunger hormones in a healthy body that cycles regularly through workouts and downtime than one that spends most of the day in low energy levels and spikes late in the day.


Which do you think is better for burning the most calories, when you’re running on fumes or a full tank? Working out is as much a physical demand as it is a mental focus. Wake up fresh to take down your workout and take on the rest of your day or wait until you’ve been on your feet for 12 hours and have a hundred problems on your mind. The point is you’re at your strongest when you can focus your energy and dedicate your full effort to the workout rather than dragging yourself through it. You want the most results from your Workout,right? Then give it your best effort when you have everything working on for you.


One of the reasons many people love working out in the morning is that it eliminates the possibility of distraction and schedule interrupting your plans later in the day. This might be something as simple as getting stuck at work/in traffic/ at your kid’s soccer game to something like accidentally skipping a pre-workout meal which will cause you to skip your workout or simply feeling worn by a really busy day. Get up, get your training session out of the way, and relax both physically and mentally knowing that you took care of your body and your health first thing in the day. All the distractions in the world won’t undo your training, so give yourself the best chance at success.


Training in the morning means you will sleep better at night. If you aren’t sure of the benefits of a full night’s sleep and the direct benefits on weight loss. More sleep means better recovery for your body and more weight loss. Adrenalin, the same hormone elevated by morning exercise, interferes with sleep. Another reason is that since your metabolism and all your muscles have been up and running at a higher level since the first hours of your day you will be more tired and fall asleep much quicker. This means you will wake up feeling more refreshed, and have more energy for your workout, which will… Go back to #1 and restart the great cycle of benefits all over again.


Realistically the best time to workout is whenever you can. It’s most important that you find a schedule that works for you and stick with it to complete the workouts in your training calendar. That said it’s undeniable that working out in the morning has many benefits that compound the positive effects and get better results faster with the same amount of effort. The other CRUCIAL important reminder is to FUEL PROPERLY BEFORE your WORKOUTS. Even if it’s a small snack, you need a quick shot to get you started properly. Working out on an empty stomach is dangerous and doesn’t burn more fat. You work hard and endure a lot to boost performance, shred fat, and lose weight so that you can have the best body available. Now make your body and your workouts work for you after you’re done working for yourself. Makes sense? Give it a shot, you’ll understand and feel the difference instantly. Ready? Sweaty when you are!

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